I am originally from the UK, haved lived in Saudi Arabia, and now live in Katy, Texas. I am a Christian who Has an interest in applying my knowledge, understanding and beliefs to what I see going on in the world around me.
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Message on Self Love

On November 25th, 2017 I delivered a message during the Prodigal worship service about how Christian self-love is a fundamental key for good recovery in a believer’s life.  This blog is a trimmed down version of that message created in response to some requests for notes from some of those who attended the service. The … Continue reading

Unable to Recognize Abuse?

There are six barriers that a person constructs internally that thwart the personal accurate recognition of abuse, either in the moment or over time.  Other names for these barriers might be, blocking mechanisms, defensive behaviors, trauma responses and reality rejection.  In this blog, I want to identify and describe these, but first I would like … Continue reading

Book Review – Healing Your Grief When Disaster Strikes

Wolfelt, Alan D.  Healing Your Grief When Disaster Strikes.  Fort Collins, CO.  Companion Press, 2014.   ISBN 978-1617222092 This book is subtitled “100 Practical Ideas For Coping After A Tornado, Hurricane, Flood, Earthquake, Wildfire or Other Natural Disaster.” Alan Wolfelt is the Director of The Center for Loss and Life Transition in Fort Collins CO.  He … Continue reading

Choice Removers

From time to time I want to write about the things people do that irritate us.  Today’s irritating behavior occurs when a person wants to take away our right to choose.  It may be inappropriate to call this person irritating, but sometimes it just seems to fit.  And I confess up front, I have done … Continue reading

Not Your Usual NANA

The word NANA conjures up pictures of mothers with a lot of experience, grandmothers.  But today we’re going to give a whole new meaning to that word.  In fact we are going to convert it into an acronym and apply it to the world of interpersonal relationships.  NANA is: N – Nurtured A – Abandoned … Continue reading

About Love Addicts and Love Avoidants

It is a peculiar thing to see.  Contrary to human logic love addicts and love avoidants seem to consistently find each other and pair off.  In our humanness we might expect to find two love addicts to pair off, because they are both looking for the same thing, a highly intimate deep and fulfilling relationship.  … Continue reading

Intimacy and Human Relational Design

This posting is part of what I am going to discuss in an “Intimacy in Marriage” class I am teaching at my church – The Fellowship, in Katy TX.  (www.thefellowship.org). Having a God-centered comprehension of intimacy is a key to having a good understanding of human design and relationships.  This understanding, together with knowing what … Continue reading

Book Review – Intimacy Anorexia

Weiss, Douglas.  Intimacy Anorexia.  Colorado Springs, CO.  Discovery Press, 2010.   ISBN 978-1881292265 This book is subtitled “Healing the Hidden Addiction in Your Marriage.” Douglas Weiss is the Clinical Director of Heart to Heart Counseling center in Colorado Springs, Co.  He is also President of the American Association of Sex Addiction Therapy (aasat.org). This book was … Continue reading

Book Review – The Intimacy Factor

Mellody, Pia.  The Intimacy Factor.  New York, NY.  Harper Collins, 2004.   ISBN 978-0060095802 This book is subtitled “The Ground Rules for Overcoming the Obstacles to Truth, Respect and Lasting Love.” Pia Mellody is a member of the faculty at The Meadows, a highly respected addiction treatment center in Arizona. A colleague of the author, the … Continue reading

Defensiveness Hurts Our Important Relationships

This will be the seventh in the series I’m writing about normal things we do that indicate we have poor mental health.  So far we’ve looked at these subjects: Asking for Help – How we don’t reach out when we ought to. Inner Permission – How we have faulty decision making processes. Seeking Nurturing – … Continue reading